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Introducing "Evil Thoughts" by Pazuzu - An Unearthly Journey into the Underground of Hip Hop.


Step into the shadows and immerse yourself in the enigmatic world of Pazuzu, where darkness, occult themes, and mesmerizing beats collide. This groundbreaking underground hip-hop CD unleashes a unique fusion of talent, featuring the powerhouse collaboration of veteran Brockton, MA rapper G Fam Black, and seasoned producers The Heretic from Las Vegas and Plague Magician from Athens, Greece. Together, they form the formidable supergroup known as Pazuzu.


Prepare to be spellbound by "Evil Thoughts," a gripping album that delves into the deepest realms of the human psyche. With an aura of mystery surrounding it, this one-of-a-kind project takes you on an exhilarating and chilling sonic journey like no other.


At the heart of Pazuzu lies the commanding voice of G Fam Black, whose deep and powerful vocals resonate through every track, leaving an indelible mark on your soul. His lyrical prowess transports listeners into a realm where reality and the supernatural intertwine.


The eerie and atmospheric production of The Heretic and Plague Magician serves as the perfect backdrop for G Fam Black's lyrical storytelling. Each beat is a work of art, intricately crafted to embody the haunting themes that permeate the album.


Pazuzu's "Evil Thoughts" is set to break barriers, and its exclusive release on Burnt Stake Records ( only adds to its mystique. This record label is known for curating extraordinary talents, and Pazuzu's collaboration with Burnt Stake Records promises to be nothing short of legendary.


Whether you're a devoted fan of underground hip-hop or an adventurous soul looking to explore uncharted territories, "Evil Thoughts" by Pazuzu is a must-listen. Embrace the darkness, let the music possess your mind, and embark on an unforgettable journey into the realms of the unknown.


Experience "Evil Thoughts" by Pazuzu and witness the convergence of artistic brilliance, dark themes, and unparalleled production. The gates to the underworld await - are you ready to be initiated into the realm of Pazuzu?

Pazuzu - Evil Thoughts (Lp) (Digital/MP3)

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